Issue with zoomed image in a Lightbox with Firefox 63.0.3

Hi Community

In SL2, I have just discovered an issue with the last version of Fiferox 63.0.3 (64 bits). No issue with older version like 52.4.0 but I don't know exactly from wich version the issue starts.

Here is the problem:

  • I have a slide with an image and a "zoom image".
  • If the slide is displayedas a slide it is ok
  • But if the slide is displayed in a lightbox, the zoomed image is displayed under the lightbox. In my example the red image is completely hidden, but you can see a part of the green image under the lightbox.  

The problem occurs only with Firefox 63.0.3.

No problem neither with SL2 preview nor Internet Explorer.

Any idea ?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ricky!  Can you make sure that you're viewing the Flash output in Firefox for your Storyline 2 course?  

I noticed the same behavior with your course when viewing HTML5 output, which isn't supported for Firefox.  Here's a link to your course.  You might have to allow Flash Player to run in Firefox.

Let me know what you see!

Ricky Nox

Hi Crystal,

you right. I realized it last week end.

But another question is coming :

  • when I launch directly the content using "story.html" the HTML5 version is used with Firefox instead of Flash pluging is installed
  • when I launch the content from the LMS the Flash version version is used with Firefox

My understanding was that when Flash is installed on the computer the Flash version is used in priority otherwise it is the HTML5. Am I wrong ?

In any case, we can say that Flash is not dead ! It is alive for a long long time .... "Good news or not" that is the question.

See you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ricky, 

Are you using the story.html file locally or are you able to access that from within your LMS? Launching it locally isn't something I'd recommend as it can cause odd behavior in general, so it sounds like the LMS launching is working as expected. 

If Firefox has a Flash plugin installed and enabled, you should see the Flash output no matter what. It needs to be available in the browser -  if you're the author you need Flash installed on your computer as well. 

Hope that helps clarify!