Issues downloading 'Roland" an Illustrated Character

May 22, 2017


Has anyone else run into downloading issues with any of the illustrated characters inside of Articulate 360? I am having issues with the character 'Roland'. Is there a way around it? After clicking the download from 360 button, I see the attached image. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cindy,

Sorry you're hitting a roadblock! Is Roland the only character you're having trouble downloading?

Are you on the latest update for Storyline 360? If so and you're still having difficulty with this, I'll want to have you work with our Support team, as they can assist with checking more specifics of why the character won't download. You could also look at ensuring that the Network endpoints detailed here are open. 

Cindy Katz


Thank you for the response. I worked with IT and we uninstalled Articulate Storyline 360. After reinstalling it, we tried to download several characters. Attached you can see some of them that did not download. I did not have this issue prior the release on May 31 and build 1.6.11965.0. Is there a way I can reverse this update?

I have an immediate need to download a few of the characters to meet the project delivery date.

Thank you,


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Cindy Katz

Ok here is a new update. We did not do anything with the endpoints as that would be specific to each browser. Instead, I simply tried downloading a few characters at a time. Some were successful and others still had download issues. So I would close that instance all together, re-open Storyline 360 and keep downloading. Some worked and others would not. I can't determine a specific pattern but will continue with this until all characters are available. Strange. Thank you!

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