Issues Importing Questions from Quizmaker 09 to Storyline 2


Having some difficulties with questions that were developed in Articulate Quizmaker '09 and imported into Articulate Storyline 2.

When I import the file into Articulate Storyline 2, the questions appear in 3 question banks. That's because I had them separated into 3 groups on Quizmaker.  There is a total of 61 questions I had created in Quizmaker, and had the settings so that 60 questions in total out of the three groups of questions would be drawn at random.  

However on Articulate, when I publish or preview - it says only 40 are drawn. See attached photo for what the settings are for each question bank. I select "All" questions to be asked, but they don't"

What's even more confusing is that when you actually count the number of questions that you're prompted with, 61 questions are asked, but the 21 questions  at the end are duplicates of the 40 first questions. It doesn't make any sense. I'd pay someone to screen share and review the document.

Any suggestions?

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David Nissan

Hello Ashley,

I just finished tinkering around, and I solved the problem.  See attached photo. The problem was that 2 of the 3 draw slides (1st circle) were drawing questions from the same question bank (2nd circle). I corrected this by having each of the 3 draw slides draw questions from their respective banks.

I don't know if this is the clean way of doing an Articulate Storyline 2 quiz imported from Quizmaker 09, but it works now.

Thank you for your reply,