Issues in connecting to Content Library, from VMWare

Oct 31, 2018

I am having trouble accessing the Content Library (Photos, Icons, etc.) from Storyline 360. Message says "You are offline. Please connect to the internet and try again."

I am accessing SL 360 via VMWare Connection, from my Mac. I am connected to Internet from the VM - in fact, I am submitting this question from VM.

Can someone please help?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Raghavendra,

Sorry to hear you're having such trouble connecting to Content Library! Is it possible that your VMWare environment is behind a firewall that's not allowing you to connect to the Articulate 360 services? I'd look first at working with your IT team and ask them to enable the network endpoints and ports listed here.

Let us know if you're still having trouble after that! 

Rachel Friem

Contemplating VM ware or Parallels for my new mac book pro. I work part-time as a developer/designer and want to travel with one machine. My laptop PC is huge and I want the flexibility to travel with my small mac book pro, while working on projects on Articulate. Please help me decide what to do. Will it work ok to switch back and forth between mac and pc? Is it terrible to get used to?