Issues playing a SWF with audio

Hullo all! I've been playing with Storyline over the past day or so and have had issues with playback after inserting an SWF with audio; it plays a video of around 1:30 and after 20 seconds the audio loops back to the start whilst the video continues; I've tried re-inserting, deleting the slide completely, exiting Storyline, saving and trying again with little luck.

The SWF works fine outside of the software... any ideas?



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Nancy Woinoski

If you can't fix the Flash file, one way to get around your problem is to use the screen recording option in Storyline (or some other tool like Camtasia) to record the Flash presentation and then insert it into SL as a video.

This could work provided you don't have any built- in interactivity in the Flash file.