Issues when publish Storyline in iFrame

Jun 25, 2020


I am working on moving a lot of my companies software simulations into iFrames to work within our new content management system. Simulations published prior to Storyline version 3.37.21453.0 seem to handle the migration into iFrames just fine. After that I have issues in Chrome where navigation buttons are either elongated or cut off (depending on how they are embedded) and in FireFox, where the just display as black boxes. Any ideas what is causing this or how to fix it. I have attached a few screenshots.

Thank you!


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Katie Riggio

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for those visuals. It is super helpful to see!

While Storyline's player is responsive, it may not be responsive when inside an iFrame. Community member, David Tait shares these strategies on how to display Storyline 360 courses in a responsive iFrame.

Considering your content worked smoothly prior to Update 37, we'd love to take a closer look to see what could have changed. If you can upload the .story file to this private link, we'll dig in and run a few tests in Chrome and Firefox!

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