Issues with a hotspot previewing fine but error when publishing in SL3

I am having an issue where I have a hotspot that is working fine when I preview the slide/scene/entire project, but when I publish, the hotspot does not work.

I am using Storyline3 (not 360). I am using the free trial (we are in the process of purchasing licenses but are on a quick  turnaround project and couldn't wait to get started). I have a fairly simple slide, there is some screen recording action, a text bubble with instructions to click a button, and a hotspot over the button for users to click.

My triggers are: "Jump to the next slide when the media completes", "Change state of Rounded Rectangular Caption 1 to Hidden when User Clicks Hotspot 1", and Play media "Screen Recording Action when the User Clicks Hotspot 1". No layers, pretty straight forward.

I'm trying to teach them how to press a play and a pause button. The very next slide is the screen recording of the play button, with all the same elements as the one with the pause button and it works fine (the hotspot doesn't even move because the pause button turns into a play button in the video, so hotspot position isn't a factor). I've even tried deleting the pause button slide, copying the play button slide, and then just changing the Action Fine Tuning to match the video of the user clicking the pause button. The error still manifests when I publish, so the only thing I can assume is it has some issue in the screen recording? But how can a screen recording mess up a hotspot? And why would it only do it when I publish?

I'm getting down to trying to re-record my scene, but that's very time consuming and I'm scared this error will pop up again down the road. If anyone can provide me some info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Sean Smith

Unfortunately I cannot do that either. Is there a size limit to files in Storyline3? I reworked everything but split my storyline into two different storyline's and didn't run into anymore issues. However, I'm creating another storyline lesson right now and I've inserted a large video file, and now the display in the Triggers window is acting very odd, hiding some of the lines of information when I click on the triggers.

Crystal Horn

Hey Sean.  We don't impose limits on Storyline files sizes, so it's really up to what your machine can handle, in that regard.  The larger the file, the more vulnerable it will be to corruption.  Most .story files won't suffer that risk, though.

Let's cover the basic best practices and see if there's something we can change:

  • You'll want to be sure you're saving and publishing to your local C: drive to avoid any latency issues with shared or network drives.
  • What are your display settings for your desktop (resolution and scaling percent)?  Storyline 3 should work really well on high resolution displays, and you'll want to keep your scaling closer to 100% to avoid any distortion.
  • What do you consider a "large" video file?  What is the current size of the file where you inserted your large video?

I'm happy to keep chipping away to make sure you can focus on solid course authoring without these hiccups!