Issues with April 17th update?

I have submitted a support case to Articulate, but wondered if I am the only one.  A course that was working a month ago (can see it in Review), now the page with many buttons and triggers to go to layers, will not function.  I removed and rebuilt and still nothing.  Happened after last nights update.

Published and Preview will not function.  Slide has never been touched.

Support indicated they had a high volume, so thought I would pop in here and see if anyone has heard anything...

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Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Ashley, I read they were really busy so thanks for seeing it has made it to someone.  Poor Jonathan, I think I sent about for e mails from it.  As it is urgent it is live and I need to do this update, and it is now broken.  And I have tried everything today.

Again thanks for the information.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Russell - we got it and I gave the team a heads up! I don't see that you uploaded your files though - so take a look at the Upload link in the email confirmation you got and share those with us as soon as you can. 

Teresa, no worries - it's not Jonathan's first time getting a lot of emails like that. We understand how crucial these issues are to your workflow and course deployment, so we'll help as quickly as possible, but know that it may take some time to test and verify what you're running into. 

Jean-David Rouah

Same here, immediately after the 17th April update, layers stopped working (whatever the trigger is, layers just do not open). this happened on the course I was working on either on preview, or articulate review site publish. I checked other older courses, same issue.
My Articulate Case # 01340293 and I still haven't heard anything back.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Ashley, Jonathan discovered it is a bug and it needs to be fixed...he will send me a link to revert back to the previous version of Storyline until this bug can be fixed.  Thanks for the extra assistance.  Bug seems to be connected to layers being shown with different similar to Russell a state issue....hope the bug gets fixed soon, but for now will revert back one version.

Jean-David Rouah

Hi Leslie, that's right, Ryan got back to me, twice, but only to leave me with: "I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on this issue.". Can someone send me a download link to revtert to a previous version, like they did for Teresa??
I can't finish my current projects, so 90% of my job is at a standstill right now.

Jean-David Rouah

Hi Teresa, any chance you could share the download link? I have the same issue, and it's also being looked at by support, but I wasn't as lucky as you and they just left me with "we'll get back to you ads soon as possible". I literally can't do any work because of this issue. :-/

Jean-David Rouah

Ok, here's an update that may be helpful for anyone having the same issue, and with no solution provided by support.
Ryan (from Articulate support) told me in his last message:"It appears that the issue occurs because the objects on the base layer are being hidden in the timeline of the slide layers."
Ok, so I created a jpeg emulating my slides background, and added it to my layers, then turned on base layers elements visibility (hidden by the fake background, and now everything works ok.
Ok, not a permanent fix, but at least, if you're stuck like me, you can keep working on your projects.