Issues with Audio and Timing when Revisiting Slides

I have created a course that has several slide layers on one slide. If a layer is opened and then closed, the second audio file in each section skips the beginning and then all of the timing is off. Any ideas on why this is happening? It only happens when a layer is being re-visited. I have attached the file and am referring specifically to slide 3.1.


Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file with me, Lindsey. We're seeing a problem in Storyline 360 where the first audio file is skipped when a user revisits a layer in the HTML5 output, and it seems that's what's happening in your file. Fortunately the Flash output works normally. 

Until we find a fix, you can work around this bug by viewing the Flash output or by combining two separate audio files into one file. 

I'll update our bug report to include your experience, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on any new information I receive. Thanks again for letting us know that you ran into this bug, and I'm really sorry it's slowing you down! 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Lindsey! To follow-up on Alyssa's post, I'm so excited to let you all know that we just released update 18 for Storyline 360–check out all the new fixes here 🎁

One of the fixes addresses an issue where audio would skip when revisiting a slide or layer in the HTML5 output.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Thanks again for reporting this oddity to us, and we're here if you need anything else!