Issues with audio on mobile (iPad, etc) when user opens linked documents; Storyline 360

I am experiencing an issue when a user tries to open a link to a .pdf or .doc or .jpg file that is part of our Storyline 360 course while they are on mobile.   It relates to the trigger "link to url/file"  The issue is with iPad and Safari mainly (since that is what our employees use 99% of the time) but also has been replicated on my Samsung phone with Chrome browser.

I am editing and publishing to scorm 1.2 with output of HTML5/flash backup - using the most current version of Storyline 360 which I upgraded today v.3.12.14647.0   I tested within our LMS and also within Scorm Cloud. The issue does not happen on PC with either environments, just mobile devices.

Issue: The course includes several spots where the user is encouraged to click the link to view a supporting document.  When they do, the document opens in a new tab within Safari on the iPad and the timeline pauses.  GREAT!  However, when they close that tab with the document and/or go back to the tab with the course playing in it, the timeline resumes but the audio never comes back on.  When they go onto the next slide, still no audio, meanwhile graphics, shapes, etc are still going along.  When they try to go back, still no audio.  They have to close the course and reopen it to get audio back again. 

I cannot set the documents to open in the SAME tab because when I do, the course simply closes.

The only workaround I see is creating slides with the documents in a scroll window and lightboxing them from the related slide.  But that is a lot of re-work right now. I'm trying to figure out if I need to do the re-work:  Is this just a functionality that doesn't work in mobile or a current glitch that will be resolved with a new update?  I tried looking at the html5/flash/AMP chart for 360 and noticing where it says some items aren't supported in AMP, but it looks like what I'm trying to do should be supported since we aren't using the AMP.   

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Katie Riggio

So sorry to hear of this audio issue – I'd be happy to further investigate this for you, Mary! Also, many thanks for including such a detailed report – it is super helpful, and much appreciated!

I personally have not seen/heard of this problem before, so I'd love to get a closer look at your file and run some tests on my iPad. Would you be able to share your .story file with me here? Please also feel free to share your file privately with our Support Engineers by clicking here.

I'll be standing by!