Issues with Audio - Playbar and trigger not activating


I have 2 issues with audio that I need assistance with.

1. This has me stumped. I have added 5 different self recorded audios throughout my course. 2 of the audios commence as soon as the screen is displayed despite having a trigger set to commence when user clicks. Any ideas???

2. How do I insert an audio play bar to enable user interaction?   

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Leonie

hard to say about No. 1 without seeing your file. Could it be your trigger order?

No2. I import my audio files into Replay and then publish as mp4 which I import into SL as a video and add the seekbar. I also resize so I can put an image or shape over where the video would be - see attached

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leonie,

I'd agree with Wendy here, that we'll want to take a look at your .story file for the first issue as you mentioned. You can upload it here using the "add attachment" button to share it with staff and community members in the forums. 

As for the audio seekbar, there isn't one built into Storyline when inserting audio, so I'd look at Wendy's recommendation to create a "video" file that only includes audio and then insert that into Storyline. 

Leonie Browne

Hi Ashley,

Attached is the story file. An example of the audio starting as soon as the slide appears can be found in Scene 3, Slide 3.5 - Topic 2 Service Delivery and Referral. You feedback would be greatly appreciated.