Issues with courses displaying on IE

Hi guys

I am having an issue where my courses are not displaying correctly on Internet Explorer. I think it's something to do with an update from MS, because it used to work fine and the course still runs well on Chrome and Firefox.

I have attached a screenshot.. and the course in question can be found below - if you start the assessment, you will see that on the 2nd slide, you cannot progress any further.

I have found the issue happening in IE version 11.0.9600283087 Update version: 11.0.10

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ant,

Where are you hosting your course, it looks like you may have published for LMS? Have you checked with your LMS team to see if there are any specific reasons you should not use IE11 or if there are required browsers? Could you share the .story file with us here so that I could also try a fresh publish?

Ant Pugh

Hi again, sorry for the delay. It is maybe part of the problem, but I no longer have the Story file. Do you think it could be because I didn't publish it with HTML5 output? Although it seems that this issue is only affecting people using the desktop version.

And yes you're right, this is published from within the LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ant,

I'd look first into updating your IE11 Flash version. I don't think it's connected to not using the HTML5 output option, especially since IE11 is not one of the recommended browsers for HTML5. You mentioned that it's only affecting those on the desktop version though, are there other users who would be accessing this from an iPad? If so, you would have wanted to include the HTML5 output option or Mobile Player option or else the course may not work correctly in those environments.

Please feel free to keep us posted after you've updated the Flash version associated with your IE11 browser.