Issues with courses using Oracle Learning Cloud's new ePlayer

Apr 27, 2021

Hello all, 

We are testing Oracle Learning Cloud's new ePlayer. A benefit of this ePlayer is that it removes the need to select Save and Close to bookmark one's place in the course. So, if I forget to save and close, hit the x to close the window, when I go back into the module and select resume, it takes me back to my place. This is working as designed until we complete/pass the quiz. Once we do that, if we select the x to close the window the OLC is not registering the course as complete. We reached out to Oracle and they said to contact Articulate. I have opened a ticket, but wondered if anyone else had experienced this issue. If so, how have you resolved it? I am attaching one of our Scorm files.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mikel,

Thanks for reaching out, and good call to start a case. I see my teammate, Renato, tested your file in SCORM Cloud, and had no issues recording completion once the quiz was complete.

It sounds like your Reporting and Tracking options are working as expected, but you may consider trying other options to see if you have better success in the Oracle Learning Cloud.

Hopefully others who have used the ePlayer can chime in with their experience!