Issues with fonts growing, Bootcamp

I am using a Mac machine, and running windows with Bootcamp. I boot into Windows natively, so I am presuming I shouldn't be experiencing any software issues.

However, other people on my time are working natively in Windows.

When they pass me a file they created, and I open it, all the font sizes are out of wack. Some textboxes have the font size increased, and line spacing changed.

Once I change the font size and line spacing on affected textboxes, it seems to "stick". But clearly this is a pain.

We are running Storyline 1.

Anyone else experience this? Is it a bootcamp-specfic issue? Or something else?

I have seen other posts about working at 100% and changing the fit to textbox, but neither of these have satisfactorily resolved the problem.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Brian,

When the files are shared, please make sure that you are saving the file to your local Windows drive within Bootcamp before opening or editing the files. Also, the other who work on the files should do the same thing. Working directly from any shared drive or USB drive can cause erratic issues.

Brian Sarfatty

I finally figured out the text resizing problem!!!

So when I first set up Windows, I found all the text and interface icons to be too small for me to read. This is partially because the resolution is denser on Apple displays.  Anyway, I did some research at the time, and found a recommendation to change in Windows Control Panel the size of interface items to make things more readable. This SHOULD only affect the interface of applications, not the documents you’re working on. (And this is the case for Word and all MS apps).  However, apparently with this interface resizing on, Storyline also randomly resizes certain CONTENT (so it’s KINDA a Storyline bug too). 

I tested turning off this OS resizing (set back to smaller/100%), and now the content appears as it should in Storyline.

NB I believe this DOESN’T affect the issue of fonts resetting in the Notes tab… That is a different issue.