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Wendy Farmer

Hi Craig


sorry I'm having trouble with my internet speed and your file is huge.  Here is a sample I did of 3 freeform questions that have a review cycle.

If you can strip it down I could take a look or perhaps you can take a look at my sample and see what the differences are

Craig Mills

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your swift replies and I apologise for the size of the module (its a bit of a beast!)

I have taken all the player controls off of my module to make it look more sleek. The questions only have a bespoke submit button. I am assuming I would need to also add a next / Previous button for the cycling to work. 

Also I am trying to highlight to the user, on review, what the correct answer is rather than highlighting what they selected and informing them if this choice was wrong or right. all other types of questions do this but freeform does not display this?

Hope this makes sense

Wendy Farmer