Issues with importing Storyline scenes from other projects

Hi All, 

Has anyone come across a problem with importing scenes from one project to another?

When I import a project or even just a scene from previous project with cropped graphics the whole graphic gets imported to where the cropped graphic should be.  I know this isn't the case with Storyline in general as a number of my colleagues don't have this issue, my computer easily meets the minimum requirements so I'm not sure what the problem could be?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Luke,

I just tried this myself, as I hadn't heard/seen it before - and although I can see the image with the cropped portion on the thumbnail prior to importing, everything looks normal once I look at the individual slides. Since the image is cropped, the original is still saved within the file in case you need to revert back to it later. If you're seeing the full image in place of the cropped element, I'd want to first check that you're working with local project files as working on a network drive could cause unusual behavior.  Next I'd suggest conducting a repair of Storyline to resolve any odd behavior. 

Although your file is removing the crop, it's also worth checking into your DPI setting, as that's a known issue for odd behavior with images, characters, etc. 

Please keep us posted after checking into those steps. 

Allen Way


Just an update. This SL2 behavior continues. I imported a scene from one SL2 project into another. The original had a cropped pic. When imported the pic itself and its dimensions were correctly imported but the cropping information was lost. This resulted in the whole pic being reduced--and distorted--to the dimensions of the cropped region.

That's the bad news. The good news is that resizing the distorted image back to its original dimensions and redoing the crop can restore the effect.

Back to the bad news: that's a lot of work if the project involves even a moderate number of cropped images.

Would this be fodder for a bug notice?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allen, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing the image. It looks like from what you're seeing it's an image on top of an image? Is that what's happening as a part of the import? 

When I take a standard image and crop it within Storyline, I'm able to import that file into a new file and the crop and sizing remains. If I click to edit it, I'm able to readjust it back to it's original pre-crop state as well. 

Perhaps you can share the .story file or image here so that we can test your set up. 

Allen Way


Yes, it is a an image beneath a cropped copy of the same image. I did that to achieve a fade effect. What is supposed to happen is that when the uncropped image fades out from behind, it should give the appearance that the words that occupy that portion of the image stay.

I've attached the relevant portion of the .story file for your review.




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allen,

Thanks for sharing the .story file. I'm curious if you have the copy before it was imported into the new project so that I could see how you've cropped it and what happens when I try to import it. I see the image in the attached copy as you showed in the previous screen capture where it's showed scaled incorrectly on top of the base image.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allen,

Thanks for letting me test that one. I could see how the image was cropped, and I looked at importing it into a new file I had that was empty and another random file on my desktop. Both worked normally and the cropped image stayed - so on my end it seems to work as I'd expect.

I'd want to know if you are working on local project files as detailed here and if you're importing into a file with the same story size or anything else that may be different about the files.