Issues with mobile publish versions

Jun 29, 2012

We're just starting to test out mobile options in our learning modules and have just published a batch using the HTML5 option.  However, we're having a couple of issues.  For iPhones we get:

Cannot drag screen when finger is over ‘player’ area

Need to double tap bottom or top RH corner to scroll up or down in landscape

Close button does not operate

And for Blackberry we get:

Sizing too big for screen, aligns top left corner so right and lower areas are off screen

Cannot drag screen at all, so cannot progress

I'm guessing that some of these may be due to us not setting up the sizing correctly in the browser settings but not sure what the problem is with the close button.  It's a button I set up using the Exit Course trigger and works via desktop.

Can anyone help?



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Stephen Hodges

Hi Laura

I've tried a published course (using html5 option) running from the LMS on both PC IE9 and iPhone safari. The course exit trigger works fine on PC but not on mobile, this is confirmed in the article

However, simply closing the window on the iPhone does send the results to the LMS OK, so rather than an exit button, a simple message saying something like 'Close window to exit course' could be used instead. Closing the window on the PC also submits the results, so the exit button could be eliminated altogether if a course is to be viewed on mobile and PC.

Sizing: with it set to 'user's current browser size' and 'scale browser to fill window',  it displays in portrait OK on an i-phone, that is until you rotate it to landscape, then it is always too big on both landscape and when returning to portrait. Anyone have any ideas?




Peter Anderson

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to check in with you after the team was able to review your project and share their thoughts:

1. We disable drag for the player when on an iOS device because it would interfere with in slide drag-and-drop items. So if they have a drag-and-drop interaction you can drag the items in the drag-and-drop interaction, but we don't allow you to drag around the player because it would cause drag-and-drop interactions to not work.

2. We always maximize the course and rotate it to the available view port. So if you rotate from landscape to portrait, we will maximize for the availible view port. So scrolling doesn't make much sense.

3. Close Course trigger isn't supported in this release:
We will add it in a future update.

We don't currently support blackberry as their HTML5 capabilities are lacking.

Stephen Hodges

Hi Pete

Thanks for your explanations. Fully understand point 1, and point 3 is fine as the js on browser exit/close sends the complete and scoring info to the LMS.

However, point 2 is troublesome as intitally it expands to fill the portrait screen width fine, but when you rotate to landscape and then back to portrait, the course renders too wide to fit the portrait screen: it doesn't return to its original width view.

Regarding the scrolling, this can be overcome in use with the iPhon'se double tap function, which works to move the course around. I don't think scrolling and pinch zooming are well supported in html5 anyway.