Issues with Next button

Next button takes user to different slides depending on whether the user has completed the interaction (Matching Drag and Drop).

If the user clicks Next prior to completing the exercise, he/she gets taken to the following exercise (correct). If the user clicks Next after completing the exercise, he/she gets taken the final slide.

The next button being used is not customised - it is part of the default navigation control.s

I've changed the triggers on each slide for the user to get taken to the wanted slides, however, the aforementioned bug remains.

I'd really appreciate your help solving this issue! Many thanks in advance,


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Ana Marques

Hi Wendy,

We actually found a solution for this, after some testing - we found that the number of the slides (slide 1.6 Matching D&D for example), actually plays a role in the navigation. We found that a slide 1.2 would automatically go to 1.3 instead of 1.4, despite adding a trigger for the user to jump to slide 1.4 when user clicks Next.

Long story short, we'll be making sure that the number given to the slides corresponds to the order that we want the user to navigate through the slides.

Thanks very much for your help!