Issues with Player Logo Size

I'm having the hardest time getting my player logo just right. 

I read the post on recommended settings, but the text in my logo is still displaying fuzzy.

I've tried a 200 pixel width image, I've tried larger images and I've tried smaller.  Larger images seem to provide better, but still not acceptable, results.

My logo is attached. Any suggestions?

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Jennifer Sader

Hi Jeremy,

It looks like the fuzziness results whenever the image has to be resized at all. Since your logo has different proportions than the 200 x 220 pixel space for a logo, even when you did a 200-pixel-width image, there was some resizing to make it work.

I was able to make it work by creating a 200x220 pixel white box (the background color on your image) and adding your image to it, then saved the whole thing as a PNG. See the logo I created and the screenshot with the new logo.

Hope this helps!


Jeremy Negrey

Thank you Jennifer! 

I appreciate the fact that you took the time to check into this, but I am not able to recreate your results.  I just realized that I'm using the widescreen (16:9) story size instead of the full-screen (4:3) -- maybe that it is having an effect?

Is the ideal player logo size for a widescreen format the same as the fullscreen format?

Jennifer Sader

Hi Jeremy,

I'm not able to find any documentation to suggest a different logo size for the widescreen player, but I did see this article that suggests that the logo might look pixelated in the preview but not in the published version. Have you tried publishing the project to see what the final version looks like?