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Andrea eDev

Thanks :) In this particular file I have the question bank of 45 questions and all the questions are set to "include randomly in shuffle"

When I change the option to "always" include in shuffle for each question, it will ALWAYS show all 45 questions, even though at the top I have it set to draw 30 of those 45.

I have tried creating a new bank and removing the HTML5 export options with no luck. Perhaps there is a setting or something I am missing? Thank you.

Andrea eDev

That is so bizarre.  When I test the link you provided it works as expected each time. So you didn't change any settings at all???  I just opened my file and tested again and only got to slide 11 before the results page popped up. I am running windows. Are you on a mac by chance?

I haven't had any other issues with Storyline in the past, so I am just confused.

Thank you so much for taking a look at it. It is much appreciated.

Andrea eDev

I am running Windows XP. A  co-worker of mine is running Windows 10 and is running into the same issue.  The issue happens both when we preview the scene and when we publish. (I turned off the HTML 5 publish options)

We are both on Update 10: 1607.1221.

We really need to get this resolved as soon as possible. I appreciate your assistance thus far. Is there some type of support information/contact that I can forward my IT Manager so we can get this resolved?

Thanks so much!

Andrea eDev

I updated to v23 flash player and it seemed to fix the issue I had when previewing the scene. However my coworker when going from v22 flash update to v23 flash update is still having the same issue.

It seems to work consistently for everyone in my test group when viewing the published version in Chrome, but not in IE. Some users with the same browser version and flash version are getting different results.

When I test the HTML 5 only version of the published file, I get the same issue. So we still are not able to get this to work consistently. Thank you for your assistance and posting the support link. We will give that a try.