Issues with Resources in Story line on Moodle

Hi All,

I'd be grateful for any input...

I've developed our first course, uploaded to Moodle and have started running into all sorted of problems :-( The biggest issue for those testing the system is that when they try to open a resource the resource opens in new window and the lesson actually disappears! This causes confusion as learners wont know what windows to close and how to restore the lesson. I've tried lots of different settings and the lightbox option and linking to files within that but the same thing is happening.

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks in Advance.




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Dave Cox

Hi Lorr,

I'm guessing that when you click the resource link, you are navigating away from the course in your browser. When you set up your links, set your links to open in a new browser window. This will keep your original window open behind the newly opened window. All you have to do to return is close the new window.