Issues with Restricted navigation

Apr 13, 2016

I have multiple slides that ask a question, requiring the learner to click the appropriate answer. Upon clicking, a feedback layer is provided. Clicking NEXT from the feedback layer advances the learner to the next slide. This has worked in Storyline 1 and in Storyline 2 when navigation is set to Free.

The problem I am experiencing is when the Navigation is set to Restricted. If the learner clicks any of the answers before the timeline on the base layer ends, the NEXT button no longer advances. Clicking a button on the base layer and calling up the feedback layer stops the timeline of the base layer, which prevents the learner from advancing when the feedback layer is complete.

The workaround we have reluctantly used is fading in the buttons (or other engagement feature) just before the base layer ends. There must be a better way. 

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Walt Hamilton

If there is nothing happening on the base layer except the user answering the question, cut the baseline timeline short (1 sec). If you don't have triggers that depend on the end of the timeline, nothing happens when the timeline ends: absolutely nothing. And if it bothers you that the user may see it end and worry, hide the timeline for that slide.


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