Issues with show/hide layers

Hi there,

I created a page with icons on the bottom of page where each icon when clicked on has to display some information. For this I created a layers for each of these icons with that particular information. The show/hide layer object trigger only worked when I used hover for the event but the problem was with the click event that did not hide the previously clicked on layer. So basically when clicking on two of the bottom graphics, the first clicked on revealed layer would stay and not hide when the second one was clicked on. Then I tried other methods including setting up variables and incorporating these into triggers, using the adjust variable option and finally I moved on to buttons - all these methods worked in revealing the layers but not hiding them. I finally solved this problem with working with states but I am still wondering what the problem was - if anyone has some suggestions - it's highly appreciated.

PS: I had to opt for the click on rather than the hover because I had to have the option of being able to click on the revealed layer as there will be an interactive graphic with 2 states leading to a pdf

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris and welcome to Heroes!

It looks like Phil and Mike have offered you some good ideas here, and if you're still having difficulty it would be helpful if we could take a look at your Storyline file (or even a mock up/sample file). You can share it here using the paperclip icon to attach it to the forum thread.