Issues with slider not showing pictures - help!

Hi all, 

I built a very simple interaction with a slider but when I test the scene, the pictures are not showing even though I can see them fine when I look at the layers, all the pictures are .jpg format. I've rechecked the triggers and they seem right. I based my slider on a template from the site and followed the same logic.  I have pasted the scene to a different .story file but it still doesn't work, in case it was the file itself that somehow got corrupted. I am sure I am missing something stupid, I'm just a newbie :S

Does anybody have any advice? I'm getting to the end of the rope. 



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Emily Ruby

Hi Eva,

I saw that there was a trigger to show and hide the layers when the slider equals/does not equal 1, 2, 3. I removed these.  I also saw that this was named Slider3, yet there was only one, so I also added a new slider, and deleted the variable for Slider 3. it is working now. There was not a trigger on the layers to close them and get back to the base layer, and since the base layer was hidden when viewing the layers, you could not access the slider,  so I added a trigger to close layer at timeline ends - this can always be changed.  File is attached.

Let me know if this works for you.