issues with story_html5.html file

I've now tried to post this discussion 3 times. Hopefully this time works. Having issues with a published project.

Here's the directory structure:

These links work:

This link does not:

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Kyle Mackie

I've done some further investigation. Here's a link to a version of the project that works fine:

When I publish it, everything works fine.

When I import a custom player (file attached), the story_html5.html file does not play. The custom player file is exported from another (fully operational) project. Any ideas?



Steve Flowers

That's really strange, Kyle. Here's what I'm seeing:

First it kicks this warning (shouldn't matter and I don't think that it does). This is likely a common error in some configurations.
The provided value '0' is not a valid enum value of interface OscillatorType.

When it tries to load this slide, it fails. Going direct to the link, it looks like the slide isn't there.

What's even more strange... it shouldn't be attempting to load that resource at all. There is a 5twe0sj69OK.js file in the mobile/slides directory and a 5twe0sj69OK.swf in the story_content/slides directory. 

I don't see how the notes/transcript link could be affecting this. It's all very strange. I'm sure this is an interesting problem for the QA / Support / Engineering folks. They tend to love consistently reproducible problems:)  I'd definitely submit this thread as a support ticket. 

Kyle Mackie

Isolated the problematic scene and then the problematic slide (2.11, I
think). Rebuilt the slide. Published, and IT WORKED.

Then realized I forgot to paste in the slide notes. Published and IT DIDN'T

Wracking my brain. Thought it might be a length or formatting issue (which
seemed ridiculous).

Ended up having to re-type (!?) the notes, and it works.

I'm definitely taking today off.


Steve Flowers

Hey Kyle - 

Bah! Those are the ones that suck! It could have been an odd character in the notes field. If you copy into something like text wrangler or notepad++ from the one that doesn't work and a square appears - that could be the culprit. 

I just saw the identical issue a few days ago. Threw me for a loop and I completely missed the connection to what you're seeing here. Sorry:(