Issues with Storyline 3 and Microsoft Edge

Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with storyline 3 interacting with Microsoft Edge. Created several courses with storyline 3. Published as SCORM 1.2. Uploaded to Success Factors LMS. All working correctly and as it should when course is launched using IE or Chrome but 2 issues when trying to open with MS Edge. Course launches fine and either the user cannot navigate past the first screen ie the next button won't work, but works perfectly when course is launched with IE or chrome. Or course launches perfectly and user can navigate through the whole course but when they get to the competency test the submit button won't work but works perfectly when course is launched with chrome. 

I would appreciate any help you can give if you have come across a similar issue or how to resolve it



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michelle!

Thank you for these details! I want our Support Engineers to troubleshoot this issue with you. I've started a case on your behalf, and you should've received an email confirming the case. In the email, there is an upload link for you to attach either your .story file or a screen recording. It would be helpful for us to test your project on our end. 

I'll be following your case to see where the fix is. Keep an eye out for an email from our team shortly!

Michelle Fearon

Hi Lauren

Thanks for coming back to me
It isn't specifically with one course unfortunately so not sure how uploading the storyline file will help but I will if you want me to

There was no consistency, for some Microsoft Edge worked perfectly and recorded the item in completed items
For others it didn't record at all
Some could navigate the whole course but couldn't complete the test as in the submit button wouldn't work
Some couldn't get past the first screen so the first next button wouldn't work
But when I asked them to launch it with chrome without doing anything to the item on LMS it worked

But the most affected course was our GDPR one as that was launched around the same time as a lot of their windows were upgraded so therefore they new browser default is Microsoft Edge

Michelle Fearon


You might have touched on something
Edge works perfectly for me and records course as it should
The only comment I have is that each slide is a bit sluggish when opened with MS Edge whereas with chrome it seems to fade or fly in better
My version is
Microsoft Edge 44.17763.831.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.17763
Copyright 2018 Microsoft

Whereas one of the staff that was having issues her version is
Microsoft Edge 41.16299.1481.0
Microsoft Edge HTML 16.16299
Copyright 2017 Microsoft

Lauren Connelly

Hello Michelle!

I see that my teammate, Jarlan, reached out in your support case. I don't see that we've received a reply so I've shared your comments with Jarlan. We'll continue troubleshooting in your support case.

Also, your contact information came through as well. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you’d like!

s s

We are having issues on Edge (using SuceessFactors) with courses which were built using SL3. the issues are:

1) Completions not recording

2) Narrations not playing completely


None of these issues are faced on IE. Since Edge is the official browser for our organization, we don't know how to sort this.

Please help!!