Issues with Storyline 3, update 12

In just the last week, I've found 3 issues with the latest update of Storyline 3.

I have submitted official cases for all of these issues. However, I am also documenting them here in case others also encounter these problems. Or find additional issues... 

ISSUE 1: Trigger panel doesn't fill allotted space, so it doesn't show as many triggers as possible. This occurs when the panel is docked and undocked.

ISSUE 2: States getting messed up when text is edited. Yup, just by editing the text in a rectangle (not in Edit States mode), one of the states switched the size of its text. And other states switched back to the color of the Normal state. 

ISSUE 3: Distribute Vertical and Distribute Horizontal align lines instead of distributing them. 

I'm a longtime proponent of Storyline. But I have to say that this is shameful. Software updates should go through extensive validation testing before being released. There is simply no excuse for "updating" Storyline with basic features broken. 

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Judy Nollet

I will say this: the Articulate support staff has always been quite responsive when I've reported bugs.

I just reported the alignment-distribution issue this morning and already received a reply. Apparently, it happens with lines drawn right to left, but not left to right. So at least there's a workaround.