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Katie Riggio

Hi Erin,

Thanks for those screenshots. I'm sorry you're facing that, and I'd love to help!

  • Is the course hosted on a web server or a learning management system?
  • Do the tables break during Preview, too?

As Phil shared, you can always share your file with our Support team for testing! If that works, send it along by using this private upload link.

Erin V

Hi Katie, sorry for the delay.  Just now seeing this and this continues to be an issue in all of our projects that have tables.  The courses are hosted on a web server and the tables appear in the preview of the project.

We are currently using SL3 Updated 10:3.10.22406.0.  We are publishing in Flash (which I know is going away soon) and we use Internet Explorer 11 (which I know is old) but it's what my organization uses for now.

This was never an issue until we updated to the most recent version of SL3.

Please advise.  We have over 1000 projects that contain tables.

Ren Gomez

Hi Erin,

Thanks for sharing that additional information, and I'm glad you shared it in a case as well! It looks like my teammate, Lejan, found a bug where tables are not rendering properly on projects published to web with Flash Only when viewed in IE11.

I'm sorry this is causing issues for your course, and wanted to share his recommendation for anyone else following:

You can publish your projects using HTML with flash and the course should work fine on any browser including IE 11.

Give it a shot and let him know if the HTML with flash options helps!