Issues with text import (translated text)

Hello experts,

I'm facing issues with the translated text import on Storyline. A lot of text missing (from slides) and the entire text missing from the built-in quiz on Story files after the import is done. I've tried installing the Storyline update, but that is not helping.

Please advise if there are any specific steps I need to follow to overcome this issue.

Wanted to add, that both, the Story and .DOC files are on my local drive.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nagendra, 

What update were you using when you conducted the export/import? Now you're working with update 5? Is it possible that some of the column headers were changed/modified - as that could cause the import to not work properly. If you've followed the steps here to conduct the translation, and random words are missing I think we'd want to take a look at your .story file and your translated .doc file. 

Nagendra Hasilkar

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for offering to help me. I'm using update 5 and have also followed the relevant steps for importing the translated text.

Before I could share the files, can you confirm that files I post here will not be visible to the wider audience (other users) on this forum. This is because the .Story files and .Doc files I'm dealing with are Dell Confidential and I'm not allowed to share them publicly. Please advise and I'll be happy to share.