Issues with the button state Selected

Jan 28, 2016

I am building a course for an ELearning Challenge and added two button states of Selected and Hover (in that order) to the course.  The issue: When I click on Tab 1 it changes to yellow, then when I click on Tab 2, the Tab 1 stays yellow (the Selected state), and it does not change back to Normal.  So if I have 5 tabs, all 5 tabs will remain on Selected state once they are clicked.  I tried to troubleshoot myself and used Nicole's tabs template as a reference and everything on mine appears to be the same as this one and I can't seem to fix the issue.

Thinking that maybe my file was corrupted somehow, I started a new project and created a 3 tab, 3 layer interaction and same issue is occurring where the buttons stay on Select states once they are clicked and don't return back to Normal state.

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