issues with the Modern player in Smartphone playing

Hello community,

I would like to know if you already test the new "modern player" with a smartphone playing. 

the problem i that i can see, is on the "next" or "previous" buttons of this player. When you play a classic quiz module with classic question, you will be able to see these buttons don't appear. 

Can you let me know, if other people have the same problem ?


Thanks in advance for your answers,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chris.  I was able to include the Previous, Next and Submit buttons in the modern player, and I saw them appear on my iPhone SE running iOS 11.4.

Typically, the Previous and Next buttons are disabled on question slides unless you include them in the slide properties. Do you have all three buttons selected there?

What mobile device are you using?

If you can share a link to your output, I'd be happy to test it out in a few environments!