Issues with the Quiz Results Slide

Jul 09, 2018

Hi all, I currently have an e-learning course that uses a menu page to access all the relevant information. Within each course section (scene) i have a series of question to answer. Ideally i'd like to be able to let users click on any of the course sections, in any order they wish. The only problem i'm having is i can't seem to get the results slide to show on the menu page, once the user has answered all questions within the course. Can anyone help!?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Nicole!  Do you have a setup where the users must complete all of the sections before being able to navigate to the results slide?  If so, are you using variables or states to control that?  For these types of setups, I think variables are best because they most reliably "remember" information.

It will probably be best if you can share your file here for us to have a look.  Many times, we can tinker and find the missing piece!  Just use the Add Attachment button to drop it in.

Nicole Vale

Hi Crystal, 

I currently don't have the setup you're referring to, but it's definitely something i would like as my end result. I would like users to be able to navigate there way around all five course sections within the menu page, and answer the questions that are within these sections. Once the user has completed a section, it already takes the user back to the menu page. The only issue i'm having is i can't seem to show the results slide, once all of the course sections have been visited.

I have attached my e-learn within this reply :)

Many thanks. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file, Nicole! Here's what I found when I took a peek inside.

On Slide 1.3 Menu, I noticed you had triggers like, "Change state to Hover" and "Change state to Visited." You actually don't need those triggers because Storyline will automatically change the object's state to Hover and Visited. You can read more about all of Storyline's built-in states here. 

I also added this trigger, which will automatically advance the learner to Slide 1.4 Results Slide once they've visited all 5 sections. 

Check out the updated file I attached. I hope that new trigger is what you were looking for!

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