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Bruce Graham

Hi Charles, and welcome to Heroes.

Free Trial is exactly the same as the release version, except that it expiires.

My initial thought is "Wow! that's a lot of bullets on one slide!"

The standard "psychological" recommendation is "The Rule of 8" (give or take one or two...), so 8 bullets, 8 words.

A bullet is something specific - not a senetence or a phrase - perhaps you need to reduce this?

Anyway, how are you "messing it up..."?

If you want the bullets coming in sequentially, then just set it up as you can see here. Assuming you have one piece of narration for each bullet, just bring the next bullet after the narration, (there is no narration here on thsi image).

Still not quite sure I understand what your problem actually is.....


PS - it really IS too much (IMHO) to have on one slide!

charles bamidele

I feel if the course has too many slides then it would be too lenghty soin order  to shorten it i decided to maximize the slides. besides im also trying to attach my questions to my slides( however i noticed i can only attach all at once) and only after my entire course, but my aim is to attach 3 questions inside the course(in various slides) and the remaining 15+ questions as a final test.

Any advice on these issues

Bruce Graham


Try to forget about the details of the course - think about the learner.

Unless the course is going to give them instant riches or personal glory, you have between 15 and 25 minutes maximum to teach them, (sometimes 5-10).

How are you going to construct your course into a form that is interesting and palatable to the learner?

It doesn't matter that you have too many slides, or a reduced number, it sounds like you still have too much "data".

Thats's what you need to concentrate on getting right first, before worying about the number of slides, of pages, or timelines or questions.

It just sounds like you are trying to squeeze far too much into one thing. Could you split it up more?

Perhaps have a look here for some examples - they may provide inspiration and help.