IT instructions for Intranet deployment

When a Storyline course is copied to a server for an intranet web site, is there a specific file folder name that must be used for Articulate projects? Then does each project need a specific file folder?

It has been a while since we published and are using a new site development software, SiteFinity. I am trying to do the legwork to get the course live on my department site and minimize IT support needed.

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Kerry Billingsley, CPLP

It appears that I cannot copy the html5 file into the development site. Is there any work around to use a different file type for publishing? File types accepted are .jpg, .dwg,, .dgn, .swf. in addition to .pdf.

My IT rep is asking for an mp4 file. We had no problem with the Storyline 1 file uploads before we changed our web development software.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kerry,

Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 publish a collection of files including but not limited to swf, jpg, and html. There isn't a way to publish Storyline to a single file, but if you are looking to have just a video of your Storyline course you could look at recording your Storyline course (either the preview or published output) using another instance of Storyline or Replay. If you're using another instance of Storyline you'll be able to export the screen recording shown here, or if you're using Replay that will publish to an MP4.