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Hello all,

I'm having a problem converting a variable calculation which does not show a '0' in the unit column. For example, the calculation result is 4.70 but the variable only shows 4.7

This has a significant effect when the result of the calculation triggers branching to another slide. Again for example: the trigger can only be set to a value of 4.70 (even if I enter 4.7 it will always convert to 4.70 in the trigger field) and if the variable result is 4.7 it will branch to an incorrect slide when it should branch to a correct slide.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that a variable will always include to two figures after a decimal point (default to #.#0 if there is no other digit in the unit column (in the same way that the trigger value recognises a missing 0)?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

I think I understand the situation you're describing but I mocked up an example to be sure - on this first slide, I have a numeric entry where the user is supposed to enter 4.70 and be brought to the second slide if the variable matches that when clicking the next button, and if it doesn't, it brings them to the third slide. I included the variable reference on each slide so that you can see what it is set to. If this is what your set up looks like, please let me know - as I'll be sharing this example with our QA team for additional review. 

Sam Lincoln

Thanks for the quick response Ashley. I fear that I misled you by poor articulation of the problem!

I have found that the trigger-branching does work correctly but it helps if the correct answer is put into the trigger in the first place (math was never my strong point!). But the variable will not show the 100th character if it endes in '0'. In other words a result of 4.70 will only show as 4.7

This does not look right when the calculation refers to money.

I attach my source file.

To enter these calculations correctly do the following and watch the running total at the top:

enter: 3, x, 14, tickets, sub total, 2, x, 150, 00, coffee, sub total, 1, x, 80, 00, drinks, sub total, 3, x, 50, 00, snacks, CA/Amt Tend

The answer shows as 47.3 but I want it to show 47.30 (ie: I want the runningtotal variable to include two decimal places as default).

I hope that is clearer - and thank you again for your time.