Item from base layer showing no matter what I do? Storyline 3

May 05, 2020


I have a slide with some images, including one of a person.

I've set up the person so it glows when you hover over it and shows a new layer marked "personnel" when you click it.

I've selected the options to hide the base layer, hide all other layers - however for some reason this image of the person (including the glowing affect) always turns up in the layers.

I can't see it anywhere in my layer timelines, and when I set the trigger to show other layers, it appears in them too.

Can anybody figure out why this is happening? Story files and image of unwanted image in "personnel" layer attached. 

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Michelle McKinney

Update: I made the whole slide again from scratch and the problem persists. Furthermore, when I add a similar trigger to the other visuals, to show layers "equipment" and "air", the same issue arises - the visual from the base layer that was triggered to show the relevant layer appears on the layer, despite the fact that "hide other layers, hide baser layer" are selected and I have inserted literally nothing into the new layer. Story attached.

Can anybody figure out what is going on here? It looks like I'm going to have to do a workaround with jumping back and forth between slides,  which is more time-consuming.

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