Items won't change state to selected when user clicks

May 18, 2018

Hello there

I have created a pick many graded quiz question where the user has to pick several items and then click submit. The selected states are build-in from Storyline. However the states just won't change to selected when the user clicks on the pictures.

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Walt Hamilton

I can give you some suggestions that may make life easier for you. I would put the original items that are revealed when the doors open in their final spots, and set their initial state to hidden. Then when the door is clicked, change their state to normal. It will save you a lot of time creating unneeded states, and states with different locations. The simpler you can keep things, the less chance there is that you will confuse SL.

Secondly, there is no good that can come from using this trigger (or the others like it):


This action is built in to every object when you give it a state named "Selected", and creating another trigger can only confuse SL. A confused SL can create results that are sometimes spectacular, but seldom beneficial. Delete these triggers, and the objects will automatically switch to Selected when you click them, and Normal when you click again.

When I deleted this trigger, the binder didn't switch to Selected state when I clicked it, so I gave the selected state a fill color, and now when I click it, I can see that it is changing state. Maybe the previous Selected state was too much like the Normal state for the difference to be seen.

Walt Hamilton

My initial thought was what Michael said, but I was surprised (greatly) to find that an object's state can be changed by clicking somewhere other than the initial spot of the normal state.

There are a lot of ways to create new states, and I think you were just lucky enough to pick one of the few that will work this way.

Still, why push your luck? I echo Michael, put those items on stage, and you will notice he got it to work by deleting the "Change state to selected" trigger.

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