Java, Ajax to php

I know there is a disconnect between my Java and PHP, not being a programmer, I am sure I am missing something. 

the user.js looks like this:

function ExecuteScript(strId)
  switch (strId)
      case "5xNs6o4ljs0":

function Script1()
  // get Storyline player
var p = GetPlayer();

// get course title
var title = p.GetVar("varCourseTitle");

// get course result
var resultstatus = p.GetVar("varResultsStatus");

//display value on screen - U S E   T O   D E B U G 
alert("Course title: " + title);
alert("Result-Status to be passed: " + resultstatus);

$.post( "myPHP.php", { myQuizTitle:varCourseTitle, myPass:varResultsStatus}  );

alert("You are here");

In Function Script(1) is triggered on the results slide, I know the code works thought the first two alerts so I know the variables are exporting just fine.

Out in the folder where I published I put the myPHP.php file, very simple.


    $quiztitle = $POST['myQuizTitle'];
    $pass = $POST['myPass'];

    $file = fopen("test.txt","w");
    echo fwrite($file,"Hello World. Testing!");

I know that this works, as I dummied it up and called it from a web page.  So the question I think is how do I create a call to jquery in side my user.js to call an ajax post event to make use of my PHP. 



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harry jacobs

I tried but could not figure out how to do that, my understanding is that you build the call to jquery dynamically but I could not figure it out.  I tried using this web site, but I could not make sense of it

I am not an advanced coder so I have never had to do this type of Cross call from Java to php before. 

If you know how to load jquery into the user.js it would be very handy.