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Dave Cox

Hi Kashif,

That 404 message tells you that the file that your URL points to does not exist, or can not be reached. This is a standard web server message that your page redirects to anytime is asks for a file that the web server can not find. 

Probably the easiest way to do this is to place your certificate in the same folder as your storyline files. Then make sure your URL points to the correct place within your folder structure. If you zip your files for the LMS, you will need to add the files to your zip folder after you publish your files. You can do this in windows by opening the zip folder and then copying your files into the correct place in the zipped folder. 

If your certificate is somewhere else on your LMS server, be sure that you have the direct URL to access these files. To check the URL, see if you can access them with your browser. 

It is not advisable to place your certificate on another server from where your course files are stored, as you can have issues with accessing them across domains.