Java Script for attaching a document in an email

Nov 23, 2017

Hey all,

Using story line to create an online induction.

At the very end when we have our print screen with all persons details and test results. The person will have to either print the document and bring onto site or have the option to send the details to us. We don't want to copy the data because they can change it. We want the print slide to have an email button that will automatically open up an email with the print slide attached, so they can send us that slide.

In the Articulate Course I attended they said it would have to do with java script and trying to determine what kind of coding would be needed, but it wasn't something they knew.

Apparently there are a few people on here good with java script. Any help would be appreciated.

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Michael Sheyahshe

In my mind, there is more than just JavaScript code, here...there's also the question of how the email will be sent.

Many emails are sent using a mailing system of some sort (i.e., Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Those that run their own web servers know that you sometimes need to turn this mail service 'on' inside the server, to allow emails to be sent.

Are all of the individuals that need to email this content within/inside the same environment? Example: Everyone needing to email this content will be at work and, therefore, be able to leverage/use whatever email system is present on their work machines (like, Outlook, for instance). If so, then perhaps some JavaScript code could indeed handle this.

If not, you'll need to figure out how these emails get sent. While I don't have a ready answer. While it is possible there are open-source and/or free mailing services - or even JS libraries - that can do this, I am not currently aware of them.

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