Java Script To Print Results - Printout Not Usable

Jun 01, 2019

Hi Best Team on Earth!

I used the Java Script sample to trigger printing of the results slide when a button is clicked.

The problem is that it's in portrait mode and 100% scale leaving the majority of what we need people to print not viewable. How can we adjust the JavaScript code to scale to 50% and print in landscape mode automatically for our more technologically challenged users?

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately, the screen shot I shared is what happens when printing to a PDF.
In order for the results slide printout to be usable I had to change my settings to scale to 50% and landscape view.

However, we find that a majority of our users don't read all of the instructions. So, they would most likely click the Print Results button and print a non-usable view.

How else might we print the results? Does i't have to be a Java Script?
Are there any other tricks in Storyline that we could leverage to get what we want?

Thanks in advance!

Phil Mayor

Still has the same problem that you cannot set the orientation of an html page for printing. You could save as an txt file but that can be hit and miss, especially if the user has is in a managed environment.

Here is a demo I built for a certificate that use PDFmake it is in a rise course but is just a storyline course.

Bruce French

I'm doing a similar thing at the moment and what I've done is basically have a seperate page for printing that is formatted to the default print settings. It's' still not ideal but better than trying to get x number of people to get the settings right. 

The area in the black square lines up with the default print area. There are bits on the right that put up a layer with basic print instructions on the right side of the page. Clicking the print button also hides the print button and back arrow before sending the print command then shows them again so the print doesn't show them.

different page but this is how its shows on chrome print

Philip Deer


The issue for us is we would not be able to have everything print that the user needs (It doesn't all fit in the printable space.)

*See the attachment. I outlined the area in red that prints naturally without having users make adjustments. There's got to be a better & simpler way.

I am grateful for all of the help and ideas. Thanks everyone for jumping in. Let's keep this brainstorm going. I think it would be very helpful for many users as the need to print the results has to be common. 

Bruce French

What I would do with that is shrink down. You only really need the results in the print area (and dont forget thats going to scale to a4 width). The variable name for the results might be really long but its only going to display 2 digits. I would put it something like this.

Also, that 'need help click here' bit I have basically puts up a layer telling them to press ctrl p or print from the menu if the java doesn't work, which based on browser and settings it might not.

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