Java Script to trigger completion

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I am trying to add Java Script to a course in Storyline. The purpose is to add a trigger to the first slide of the course which takes a user with accessibility issues to the last slide to download a 508 compliant version of the course from a link which should then trigger a completion for the user. The course does not have a test, so I am trying to find Java Script that would give a general completion. The Java code I have tried is more for a course with a test so it gives a score. Here is what I have used:

//get LMS API
var lmsAPI = parent;
//set score; the first number is the score
lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 100, 0);
//set status; possible values: "completed","incomplete", "failed", "passed"


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Thor Melicher

Although this isn't a JavaScript solution, the following might work for what you're trying to accomplish:

Although written for Storyline 1, it works in all versions.
FYI - There is also the same article for Storyline 2 but it seems to be showing the same thing: