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Michael Hinze

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Java script video'. If you are looking for info to add a hosted video to Storyline using an embed code, see this info here. The info uses YouTube videos as examples but it applies to any hosted video that provides a URL or embed code. Hope that's what you wanted.

Kay  Nadel

<video style='width: 480px;height:270px;' data-account="390587143001" data-player="8e695403-5abb-4695-b533-04b7acd4d200" data-embed="default" data-video-id="1676520364001" class="video-js" controls></video><script src="//players.brightcove.net/390587143001/8e695403-5abb-4695-b533-04b7acd4d200_default/index.min.js"></script> 

It is a licensed product