JavaScript Character Limits

I am working in JavaScript to send variable results via email. I got to a point where my variables stopped appearing in my email. After hours of testing, I finally came to the conclusion that Articulate Storyline seems to have a character limit for the JavaScript. Why is that or is there a way to override that with some sort of JavaScript character limit that can be entered? Any help you can offer would be great. This has been a very frustrating issue.

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Joseph Fournier

Hi Jeremy, were you ever able to find a solution?

I encountered this limit as well. I hit a limit at 32,335 characters in an Execute JavaScript trigger. I tried pulling the data out into an external JavaScript file, but I think SL still imposes a limit--either that or I introduced a syntax error in the external file and never found it. I can only assume that the limit is imposed because of LMS datastores have a similar limit in the fields they use for resume data. 

For my particular application, I was able to reduce the size of the file below the character limit, but since I'm doing a full-on software simulation that generates datasets, I'm concerned that may encounter an overall limit later in the development. I'm hoping I can break the JavaScript up into separate files and that I don't encounter an overall limit. I'll be happy to keep you posted. 

Jeremy Larson

Hi Joesph,

No. I never did find a solution. I ended up needing to shorten the character limit of the JavaScript. This was actually my first time using JavaScript and I have not had to use it since. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be much of an assistance to you.

PS I also contemplated using multiple actions to break up the JavaScript. I didn't want the end product to get to complicated though and found a way to "short-hand" the characters in my script. I do think that this might be a solution, but have not tested it.

Joseph Fournier

Hi Jeremy and Emily. Thanks for your responses. I'm probably okay in terms of figuring this out. I'll just need to determine what the overall limit is and then I'll adapt according to that.

I'm using the JavaScript trigger partly as a datastore in order to generate millions of unique scenarios for the simulation. I just had to reduce it from billions to millions...but I think my learners will still get enough variety. ;-)

The other thing I'm going to be doing that will drive the size of the datastore is generating detailed scenarios...but I have backup plans if the data limit bites me.


Brian McSkane

Hi Mathew,

Thanks very much for your interest! OK, in the course I collect lots of feedback from the learner via sliders and text entry boxes. At the end I have javascript then to compile all of the feedback and export to an email (, 'emailWin');).

The problem however is that when I execute the trigger, the email is generated but not all of the details are exported. As explained in this post, there seems to be a limit to the number of characters that can be exported and I seem to have hit it.

To get around it I created two sets of javascript and a trigger for each. I then split the output so email1 shows half of the export details and email2 shows the rest, i.e. both fall within the limits of the export allowance.

Two emails are not ideal but it does work. If you have a solution I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks, Brian