Javascript code to make sequentialize a course between scorms in moodle

Dec 01, 2015


I´ve been trying to sequentialize my courses in moodle through a botton with a trigger "Jump to URL" but when I try it on moodle, this trigger makes its work but what moodle does is set an iframe into an iframe and so on, kind of fractal behaviour. I would like to know if there some javascript code that help me through, so when I click the botton in my scorm sends me to a new window to the other scorm.


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Dan Marsden

This behavior is really something that should be handled by the Lms rather than links within the scorm package.

Unfortunately Moodle doesn't currently allow you to automatically load a different activity after one activity is complete. You can use activity completion and restriction rules to display the activities logically on the course homepage but the user will need to navigate manually.

I have thought about customising the scorm player in moodle to allow the teacher to set a url to send the user to when the scorm is closed/ finished but to do this I'd likely need funding.

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