Javascript does not work


I just started to use Storyline because I would like to create an interactive video. Therefore I began to 'play' with javascript too, but it does not work.

If I try these examples:

After exporting nothing happens, only if I open the html5 version. But in this for example video does not start...

Could you give me advice how should I use Javascript well?



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Steve Flowers

If you're running locally, you're likely running into problems with the Flash security sandbox feature. This "feature" prevents Flash from talking to the browser and vice-versa when running from a local drive. Three fixes for this:

1) Upload to a server to test.

2) Publish for CD output. This will add an executable wrapper that eliminates the sandbox issue.

3) Add your published folder or any parent of the folder (whole drive, etc.) to your Flash security settings manager. Hit that link then click edit locations > add location > browse for folder. This acts funny for me on Chrome, there's a little different process. 

Easiest way is to upload to a server or publish for CD