I have an 'exit' button at the end of my Articulate 360 storyline. When a user clicks on this button I would like it to redirect them to a particular page. However, I can only seem to figure out how to open this page in a new tab, or in the same tab but the entire new page opens up within the same page, if that makes any sense - like a page within a page, instead of directing to the full page I want it to go to.

Anyway, my question is - how can I insert either a URL link, or javascript so that when a user clicks on this button, they are taken to a whole new page within the same window/tab?


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Michael Anderson

Try adding a trigger to your button that executes the following line of javascript code:


You didn't say if you are running this from within an LMS or not. You may need to test this to see if you get a browser popup when trying to leave the current page, and also make sure your course results are still getting saved to your LMS when this is used.

Steph Riggs

Just add an onclick event to the button. If you could share the code I'd take a look at it, still you can check these guides at MDN js reference and w3schools js reference .. it's easy to do .. here's my official website .. took me almost a day to get everything done .. still looks great.. browse it and if there's some feature you like, i'll help you write