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Oct 23, 2013

I posted in an old thread yesterday [ ], but thought I'd create a new thread to put my question out to the community at large.

Basically I want to use variables to populate an email message through javascript. I found a working example, but whenever I "touch it" somehow it suddenly stops working altogether (a trend, if you ask my wife).

I have attached it again in this thread so see if there are any java gurus out there. (there are two examples in this .story. Mine is the longer one at the end of the quiz. The other one is the (formerly working) sample I found that I was using as a template.



I am experienceing some odd behaviour and am not quite sure what I am doing to break this. Ba

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I had a project a while ago that collected various user selections as variables. Steve helped me with the java and the end result looked something like this:

var email="";

var player = GetPlayer();

var body_start=new Array();

body_text = player.GetVar("MailBodyText");

var subject_start=new Array();

var subject = player.GetVar("MailSubject");

var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+body_text;,'emailWin');


I have made transformation in the result slide to show the results of the learner it is possible to see the certificate, to see the result i try to put another trigger to send to the learner after the advice of the teachers or the signature of the learning center in the case of acreditation result's.

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