JavaScript help


I am very new to JavaScript but I was able to develop a code that generates an email with answers from surveys throughout the course for the user to email the answers to themselves. However, there are no spaces between the answers when the email is generated. Is there a way to space out the answers or maybe number them? 

Here is my code

var email="";
var player = GetPlayer();
var subject="Your Wellness Goals";
var body_start=player.GetVar("NumericEntry");
var TextEntry = player.GetVar("TextEntry");
var TextEntry1 = player.GetVar("TextEntry1");
var TextEntry3 = player.GetVar("TextEntry3");
var TextEntry4 = player.GetVar("TextEntry4");
var TextEntry5 = player.GetVar("TextEntry5");
var TextEntry6 = player.GetVar("TextEntry6");
var TextEntry7 = player.GetVar("TextEntry7");
var TextEntry9 = player.GetVar("TextEntry9");
var TextEntry10 = player.GetVar("TextEntry10");
var TextEntry8 = player.GetVar("TextEntry8");
body_text = body_start;
var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+body_text+" "+TextEntry+TextEntry1+TextEntry3+TextEntry4+TextEntry5+TextEntry6+TextEntry7+TextEntry9+TextEntry10+TextEntry8;,"emailWin");


Would appreciate any help! 



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