JavaScript not executing on Results Slide upon Failure

Hi all.

I need some help manipulating the 'Status' of a course manually due to a limitation of Storyline. Our course is build on a branching scenario where the user can choose to either go down 'Path A' or 'Path B'. Once said section is completed, an assessment needs to be passed in order for the LMS to mark the course as completed.

Since Storyline is only capable of tracking progress on either the number of slides view or the results posted on a results slide, the branching scenario becomes obsolete as we want to allow the user to pass EITHER of the assessments present in the course and not both.

I have decided to add a third results page and have the aforementioned results slide pass their values to said third one and use that for tracking purposes to the LMS. The problem with this is that the score gets halved essentially if they only complete one assessment. I added JavaScript to said results slide in order to manipulate the scoring parameters accordingly, however NONE of the logic or 'code' seems to run if the assessment(s) are failed. Is there a reason for this?

I have attached my demo file herewith.

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